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Are cravings ruling your life?

Is chronic stress ruining your life?

But chronic high stress, and how that stress is perceived, can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another.

It can instigate feelings of anxiety and overwhelming fear. It can also weaken your immune system and overall health, leaving you susceptible to colds and flu, an increase in aches and pains, as well as many serious illnesses.

Chronic stress silently deteriorates many aspects of your health, including hormone imbalances and modifications to the structure and function of your brain. These changes make it more challenging to cope with daily stress, decrease concentration and memory, and eventually will lead to a mental or brain fog.

Amazingly, the effects of stress often go unnoticed until the accumulation manifests as mental or physical exhaustion or burnout. Due to the overall compromised health and chronic disease stress causes, it has often been referred to as “The Silent Killer.”

Transform your stress into success.

- muscle or back pain
- blood sugar dysregulation
- increased risk of type 2 diabetes
- high blood pressure
- headaches or migraines
- hormonal and thyroid imbalances
- weight gain
- addiction (smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse)
- accelerated aging

- Decreased concentration
- mental or brain fog
- decreased memory capacity
- insomnia
- depression
- anxiety
- fatigue
- GI conditions (such as ibs)
- frequent infections (such as cold or flu)

Examples of symptoms and conditions that can result from chronic stress:

When most people think of stress, they usually limit their definition to mental and emotional stressors. Changing jobs or losing a loved one, for example, can send your stress (and cortisol) levels soaring.

However, events like blood sugar imbalances, inadequate sleep and inflammation, are also potent stimulators of cortisol production within the HPA axis. The result is an activation of the stress response system.

One of the most common and easiest stressors to control, is imbalanced blood sugar. Skipping breakfast after fasting overnight, causes your blood sugar levels to drop. Your body attempts to restore balance by increasing cortisol levels which will restore blood sugar to normal. There are no major consequences if this is an occasional occurrence, however, ongoing blood sugar fluctuations controlled by hormones can become a problem.

If blood sugar remains an issue, coupled with inflammation in the body, poor sleep patterns, and then topped with mental and emotional stress, you have created a recipe for disaster. It is critical to identify the major stressors in your life so you may develop a plan to overcome stress before it becomes a pathway to chronic disease.

The Four Key Stressors

Throughout the program, you will better understand how stress affects your health on a daily basis – including why your body responds, or fails to respond, to the stressful events in your life.

The SOS Stress Recovery Program is a nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help bring the mind and body back into balance while eliminating the unhealthy effects of stress.

Each person’s response to stress is unique and complex. The essential tools in this program are designed to be flexible as they help support each component of the stress response, allowing you to find the perfect balance that restores your vitality and optimal health.

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